Heal and be happy.

I work alongside people to assist creating a happier, healthier, wealthier version of themselves and those around them.

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Come out of pain and into peace.

I work alongside self investors , educators and multiple services to create happier, healthier, wealthier ways of life for individuals, communities and the collective.

I assist in various areas of life to expand your ways of thinking to transition you from old ways of being into new ways of living.

Through such work we work on bringing in: Tranquility, Freedom, Clarity, Peace of Mind, Understanding and Love.

By working in partnership, we can overcome:

  • tick Addiction
  • tick Self Sabotage
  • tick Mistreatment
  • tick Career Woes
  • tick Anxiety
  • tick Depression
  • tick Debt Worries
  • tick Limiting Beliefs
  • tick Eating Disorders
  • tick Unhealthy Living
  • tick Mental and Emotional Health
  • tick Body image and weight loss
  • tick Childrens Mental Health
  • tick Self Awareness
  • tick Self Development
  • tick Procrastination
  • tick Injustice
  • tick Isolation


10 Minute Healing

Using frequency via sound and energy to clear neuro pathways and DNA and bring focus.

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1-2-1 Coaching / Journeying

Tailor made sessions offering structure and support in any area of expertise you require.

Single session (£60)

3 session block (£150)

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12 Week Programme

An extended period of working together to assist you in being happier and healthier with a weekly check in session to support you.


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Identify your pain and start healing today.

Get this short healing video to assist you in clearing your mind ready to create the changes you need in your life on your way to becoming a healthier, wealthier version of you.

About Issachar

I am Issachar aka Isiasha, a 37 year old single mother of 2 children with Special Needs diagnosed with Intergenerational Trauma. I was born in Doncaster in a deprived area on a council estate. I lived a life of intense trauma and eventually found answers within to break free.

I recovered severe mental illness and learnt about my trauma and nuerodiverse challenges - drug free - using various structures.

I researched and adapted to my individual needs. I then went on to successfully work in ancestral trauma, recovery of addiction and assisting others to positively change their lives from living in pain to peace with deeper understandings of life.

I have lived experience (alongside training) and will openly share my authentic self with others to assist in creating shifts. From trauma to tools to treasure I became a world-wide healing shamanic priestess / intuitive healer and conscious Life coach/ Transformation Mentor with a wide offer of skills and ability to look inwards with a bigger picture view.

Through looking at areas of lack of the ages I discovered how to bring love , integrity and learning to individuals to assist them in evolving.

I have worked alongside the the NHS, the local council, carers groups, Schools, University and many professionals with local offers to assist bringing in change for individuals and communities supporting the co-creation of happier healthier life for many . I also podcast for schools, universities and conferences on life topics supporting evolution within the collective. I work worldwide and appeared on others podcasts aswell as In the media multiple times.

I have studied many areas of life including: nutrition, history , psychology, human development, spiritual healing, trauma, recovery, science, mysticism, business, generational conditioning, self love, nature , Shamanism , life coaching , human rights and philosophy.

Past charity ambassador for Hallam FM and The Princes Trust. I placed first out of 500 businesses across Yorkshire and the Humber for success through hardship winning an award with Princes Trust.

I am also a Town Councillor and believe in speaking up where needed against the need to fit in. I have close relationships with multiple support services where communities reach out to me and I signpost due to sharing lived experience on my socials and in meetings creating changes for service users. I believe we have a right to have our human rights met without having to fight.

From traumatised child to alcoholic young adult living in self destruction, I journeyed to finally find freedom from within.

I am open to new opportunities in this adapt and flow life that I live in.
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